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Blogs are a great way to connect with your customer and prospects — keeping them informed about your firm, your tech, and the wider orbit in which it all lives.

Use in the buying cycle:
All stages


White Papers

White papers have been around forever. Why? Because they work. One white paper can travel far and wide influencing buying decisions for years to come.

Use in the buying cycle: Awareness and consideration


Case Studies

Case studies highlight not just what you do but who benefits and why it matters. A good case study starts with your customer and ends with you.

Use in the buying cycle: Consideration and decision making


Topic Development

You can’t get where you want to go if you don’t know where you’re going. Topic development is the foundation of any content marketing program.

Use in the buying cycle:
All stages



Many business are turning to full-on business books to make their case – – 60,000 words says a lot about your product or service.

Use in the buying cycle:
All stages

Website Content

Best practices around websites are constantly evolving so it pays to keep your content fresh and dynamic, giving readers the information they need as quick as they want it.

Use in the buying cycle:
All stages

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Allen served as our subject matter expert and was the contributing writer for over 35 articles. This was a high pressure project with tight deadlines that required extreme detail. Allen was a committed and reliable force in creating our content and getting the site live as scheduled, ensuring our success.

Chris Saccone, Account Director, MRM/McCann

Allen is one of those rare writers and editors who truly understands what’s going on in business and IT and can properly write about the intersection of the two.

Todd Tucker, General Manager, TBM Council

Allen has a really strong understanding enterprise software marketing, from products and technologies to the organizational stakeholders in IT, line of business and executive levels. For marketing content needs, I would highly recommend working with Allen

Shahed Ahmed, SVP, Merrit Group

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